Saturday, March 17, 2012

Unsigned Unsealed and Delivered

The dining set was delivered just before new years. That made it a 14 month project which on a part time basis was ok.
I still need to resolve a couple issues, first being that it needs some kind of a signature. My dad wants his great grandkids to know the origins if it.
Second is the top finish. It is not proving to be as sealed as it should be. When you wipe it with a wet cloth it raises the grain and smells of walnut wood. I will likely just lacquer the hell out of it....but in all seriousness, I'm totally open to suggestions. Right now it has 4-5 coats of oil varnish mix.
Here are some photos, not professional but I ain't got no Ingaborg.

Mylene and Rya, about to burst.  I guess I'll be busy for a while. Oh well, woodworking was fun while it lasted...


  1. great project, and boy the anticipation.
    no suggestions for the top finish, I use wipe on poly, but I do not think it a good idea on top of the finish already there, maybe ask Lord G.
    Congrats on the new one on the way. I hope you still find the time for some projects, I would hate to see a great woodworker turn his shop into a playroom.
    great work on the dining set

  2. I didn't comment on it, but the inner rail to make the top seem like its floating was a very nice touch. and it was a good call not making the tenons of that rail visible from the outside. the grain graphics on the top are wonderful also.
    a pile of work, and that is just weaving that many chair seats.
    again. well done.

  3. Very Nice... will most definitely become a family heirloom. As for finishing the top, I would suggest padding on several thin coats of Waterlox. I did an ash/walnut dining table 9~10 years ago and the finish has held up beautifully. Key is to fill the pores. Looks great on walnut - very warm and great flexibilty on sheen ... can leave it glossy (yuck) or break out the steel wool for that softer/warmer hand-rubbed look. Only downside long drying time (v. lacquer) and 24 hrs between coats.

  4. Bravo, great job. This is the first project to come out of the new shop? It's quite a leap!


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