Friday, November 11, 2011

As it happens!

I am loving this blog app. I can stop for 5 minutes, write something and then carry on. This is practically live blogging!

If you have yet to try the Festool domino joiner I am going to suggest that you do. Thanks Byron for lending me yours. I might just have to put that in the ol' Christmas list and hope santa's had a good year!

Anyways, as I had previously mentioned, my apron to leg joints are a live/ floating tenon combo. The domino is literally as easy to use as a biscuit joiner except it gives you the strength of a tenon. A bit more exactness is required in laying out as you don't get any forgiveness like you do with biscuits. Your tenons have to be lined up perfectly as they fit totally snugly in the mortise. Essentially you line up the line on the joiner with your pencil line and plunge. Really awesome!

I was a bit nervous at first but it does almost seem idiot proof.

Once again the 8' pipe clamps my brother gave me one year have come in handy. I laughed at the time, wondering when I would ever use such big clamps but I laugh no more.

I'll post a photo of the joinery soon but I forgot to take one before I clamped it all together. Damn this live blogging...

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  1. hah awesome, i actually just picked up the laguna mortiser, now i have to figure out how it works!


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